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stevens and three other americans perished during eight hours of bullets, mortars, and flames. the political and bureaucratic smoke screen made benghazi, not just a tragedy, but a scandal. hello, from day one, fox news is investigating the big questions surrounding benghazi. how could americans be left so vulnerable in such a dangerous place? did their government leave them to die? did their president try to cover up what happened that night? voters re-elected barack obama, but they aren't giving him a pass on benghazi. a recent fox poll showed more than 7-10 american voters want congress to continue investigating. congress has. and so have we. we begin with peter boyer, who finds one piece of common ground between obama supporters and critics. both agree that to understand benghazi, you must go back a few years. >> any clear-eyed examination of this matter must begin with this sobering fact. benghazi joins a long list of tragedies for america. hostages taken in tehran in 1979, embassy and marine barracks bombed in 1983. saudi arabia in 1996. >> she essentially said to underst
to the crash. steven stock joins us with details of those harrowing last moments before impact. steven? >> diane, experts tell us that the most critical and dangerous time of any flight is when you land. everything has to be done just right. in this case those vitt call moments came just seconds before impact. crash scene investigators say information from both the cockpit voice recorder and data recorder show exactly what happened in those final seven seconds. >> that is what amazes me about this situation. >> reporter: seven seconds that vet tral commercial pilot jay rollins says was the difference between normal landing and disaster. >> without speed the aircraft will fall out of the sky. >> reporter: that's exactly what the preliminary data from the ntsb shows happened. it's making its final approach to runway 28 l with its engines idoling. no communication or indication that anything was wrong until seven seconds before impact when the voice recorder registers something. >> a call from one of the crew members to increase speed. >> reporter: that, say experts, was critical as the p
. >> sally stevens. >> - i've served on the animal control for 6 years and i would consider it a great honor and i hope you'll elect me. to find the information valuable you horrify i have a ph.d. asia a journalist i spend time explaining things to the public. i can share information and joint resolution just as a example i abandon the clawing of cats policy. and this includes the support of the legislation and arguments against the legislation and other cities policies. the abandon is passed and now law. i'll prepare similar packets for the commission and you. six months after being appoint i was the chair. there's a lot of administrative details and with 40 no budget so i prepared the minutes for the public and intakd with other city departments. i take the office of the chair very seriously. in 2345079 i was appointed by the commission to the oversight committee. i've served as a bridge to welfare advocates and zoo officials. i bring the concerns to the zoo officials and relay their concerns back to the public. i've seen animal wellness at the zoo. i've about been a chair of the san franc
transportation safety board released a second-by-second time line. our investigative reporter steven stock joins us with the last moments and what the crew asked for one and a half seconds before impact. >> diane, experts tell us the most critical and dangerous time of any flight is when you land. everything has to be done just right. in this case, those critical moments came just seconds before impact. >> reporter: crash scene investigators say information from the cockpit voice recorder and data recorder show exactly what happened in those final seven seconds. >> that is what amazes me about this situation. >> reporter: seven seconds that veteran commercial pilot and flight instructor jay rollins says were the difference between a normal landing and disaster. >> without speed, the aircraft will fall out of the sky. >> reporter: that's exactly what the preliminary data gathered by the ntsb showed happened. asiana airlines making its final approach with its engines idoling, no communication or indication that anything was wrong until seven seconds before impact when the voice recorder registered
of ambassador stevens' diary before the attack. welcome to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. rallied asking for the resignation of mohamed morsi. dead and hundreds injured in the protests. among those who were killed was a 21-year-old college student from chevy chase, and to prompter. the egyptian government says up to 17 million people turned out nationwide. .- andrew pochter we will have more from egypt with sharif abdel kouddous after the headlines. the latest revelations from edward snowden are threatening a major rift between the u.s. and european union. citing documents released by snowden, a german magazine reports the national security agency spied on european union offices in brussels, washington, and the united nations. the nsa allegedly planted bugs on to conversations and also to look at the e-mail activity. says that countries such as japan, mexico, south korea, india, and turkey were included. the revelation comes just before the u.s. and e.u. are trying to negotiate a trans-atlantic trade deal. >> i feel, as a representative of the euro
manager, both asking for the bankruptcy and cuts. tonight, we get the views of steven kreisberg, director of collective bargaining for the american federation of state, county and municipal employees. and steven rattner, who oversaw the obama administration's efforts to restructure gm and chrysler. he's now chairman of willett advisors, an investment arm for new york mayor bloomberg's personal and philanthropic assets. steven kreisberg, let me start with you. this afternoon your union's president al garrett said that the city never really negotiated with union members before heading into this bankruptcy process. >> well, that's true. we requested that they neat with us to negotiate. they refused to do so. as recently as the second of july, i personally sent them a letter urging them to meet with us. they responded on the third of july saying they wouldn't do it. the following week they invited us to a meeting which was largely a presentation to talk about the process. and we agreed to go forward with that process. they reassured us that we had literally months to resolve this issue. then
applicant then seats available. any thoughts. maybe i'll start it off. there are two people bob stevens and ryan young who are here on this list to be reappointed and i'm willing to support both of their appointments and if there's any agreement we can try to figure out the other two seats. i had a chance to sit down but ryan didn't reach out but i'm in favor of sporting dr. caylee stevens. i make a motion we move sally stevens for seat 5. all right. i second, that motion >> can we take each seat one at that time. >> i can do it either way. there's a motion for seat 5 i guess for dr. stevens. while any objection that motion is moved >> i'd like to make a motion we support mr. marks for seat number 3. >> is there a second for that? >> is a i make a comment please first. so after refusing t resisting t applications and hearing from the folks that have been here i definitely seeing the things mr. marks would do well, but i don't want to miss out on the opportunity to appoint jennifer and russel i'm sorry. i'm not pronouncing his name. i think i appreciate those two in particular is
in steven stock, we are talking about this. it wasn't just that communication. the tower had to communicate with dozens of other flights making approach to sfo. >> exactly right. >> i did want to touch on one issue that jessica brought up. and i think is a critical one. that is the fact that there does aper appear to be here, a language pilot. you hear the pilot trying to communicate in english, standard language for air traffic all over the world. i can tell you having worked in miami, worked here and in other major metropolitan areas where there are international air flights that can some times be an issue. in this case i point that out. because in fact there was a notice to all airmen, a notice to pilots, that there had been some issues with the glide path -- the equipment, giving you've the precise measurements to, essentially land an airplane at 28 l. for most commercial pilots that would not be an issue. i will not say that is the cause of this. clearly there may have been language issues. and it may not have sunk in or been noticed by the pilot. i don't know how many time the pilot h
commuters were able to steer clear of today's backup. we found steven lee working from home, having decided to skip his usual commute. >> i've been taking bart to work for the last ten years. >> reporter: because of the strike. but steven hasn't missed a beat or a meetings thanks to a product called go to meeting. >> it's really great because i didn't have to spend two hours driving in traffic this morning. so it's pretty, like relaxing and, you know, actually concentrate better. >> they can go right into the meeting. >> reporter: go to meeting comes from citrix, one of many companies trying to ease the pain of the bart strike by keeping people like steven out of his car and on the screen. >> if you can take that drive time out of your day, you are a happier person. you're more relaxed. you're going to have better meetings because you're not stressed out when you get there. you can start every meeting on time. it really does give you a lot more control over your day. >> reporter: but it's not just software easing the bart burden. by putting rubber to the road, smartphone app driven car shar
and in conclusion before i hand it over to steven brannan wharf is intended to be a fun and sustainable project and has unscripted activity and an open environment and playful and subtle ways and i hope you will see it next week and i won't go into detail now and the construction and the way materials were sources. steven will now describe the project a bit further. >> good afternoon commissioners, executive director, port staff and members of the public. i am steven real and the project manager and i am privileged to work on this exciting project. this is a $26 million project. includes $7 million for demolition of the condemned pier 36 which is a massive reinforced concrete pier structure. demolition of 900 linear feet of bulk wharf and $19 million project to construct the new 57,000 square feet state of the art public open space wharf replacing 9,000 square feet of embarcadero promenade strengthening 200 linear feet of sea wall and modifying another 700 feet. funding for the project. $18.5 million in port funds. $4.7 million in federal funds through the 2007 water resource and developmen
. >> they did it on purpose, right, because they have a camera set up. >> that is excellent, steven. they caught him on camera by accide accident. now richard and connor are roommates and they have been ot but in this case, he waited for his roommate to come in and enjoy this pepper-laced spicy meal, because his roommate hates pepper, and this. >> ate the vegetables. >> and the seagull nose it is doing something wad and he it needs to hurry, up and because somebody is going to come in here. >> he knows he is guilty and tries to make a quick escape. >> oh, geez. tight little opening there. >> that is a tight opening that the seagull missed. eventually to the exit, and the guys loved the video so much they nicknamed the seagull so much that his name is steven seagull after steven segal because he was not phased by the pepper. and he is so strong they chose to name it after a big action hero guy. >>> it is finally here, the day that pets are wigging out. >> people love the take a picture of the dogs and put them on facebook and twitter and infagram. this is one other funny thing to do. >> what you
is expected to survive. >>> good evening. that couple has been identified at steven and karen lefton. alicia has the story. >> reporter: they were fun- loving and always ready to have a good time. this morning's plane crash was shocking and heart-wrenching. >> reporter: they crashed in the woods. steven was flying the plane with his wife on board. the sheriff's office says the plane lost altitude shortly after take off. they ended up in a wooded area. the couple's neighbor says the two were avid travelers. >> i was hesitant with a single engine plane. it is tragic. >> reporter: karen provided aid and comfort until medics arrived. she was rushed to a hospital in reno and expected to survive. >> very very nice people. they really enjoyed life. if you -- basically think of anyone who enjoyed life, they were always happy. >> he was an experienced pilot flying for over 20 years. they are analyzing the cause of the crash. alicia reed, kron4news. >>> laguardia is still shut down after a nose wheel on a plane collapsed after touching down. passengers talked about what happened. >> the worst part was
of the month. congratulations steven. (clapping) >> thank you and thank you tenderloin school. thank you. you know, as i had a chance to look around this wonderful beautiful crowd i see such diversity. i see our educators from our school district and parents who are praising their families i see our labor leaders who are building jobs and our recreational and park and the commissioners in from the port our police department they're all out here in this great celebration. well, you know what they say you give stefani inch and he might take the state a golden mile. just 25 years old he's made a sports illustrated cover. for the first time a warrior made that cover for his skill and talent since 1980. and for those you have keeping stats in mind he's 6 feet 2 inches and into four seasons and he takes up to amasses all of us. where the warriors have gone and across the world he's going to be amazing dead on arrival to the whole world. not only does he be a role model on the court but off the court. steve's participation and involvement as a natural spokesperson for thanks usa helps to insure that
for you. we're also joined by my colleague here, steven stock. and i know you have some questions more technically related for benjamin who was on this flight from seoul. >> thank you so much. you are giving great insight on this. i just had a question about when did you know something was going wrong? is there any indication other than looking out the window and seeing the water fairly close? when did you realize something was going amiss? when you heard something hit? take us through that. >> the landing area from sfo. a few meters before the runway. i could see by the window by my seat that we were very low. and not soon but it was a gradual descend. it feels like the guy missed the runway. when you realize he physically pushed the gas and throttle full speed and tried to correct and go back up again which probably helped us a lot. otherwise we might have hit the rocks first instead of maybe water and then rocks. i can't tell, of course. i was in the maybe. but i can tell you, everything was fine, honestly. everybody was getting ready to get out of the plane and we were arrived and
in one of his factories. schindler's story became famous when u.s. film director steven spielberg made his oscar-winning movie 20 years ago. the auction is set to end on july 28th. >>> and next here is a three-day outlook on the world's weather.
, of course, the securities and exchange commission bringing civil charges against s.a.c.'s steven cohen. tech shares weighing on wall street, but the s&p closes at a new high. here's how we're finishing the day. right now, there's a look at the dow. it's a drop of only 5 points. pretty tight range for stocks. dow was down about 20, 25 points for the last hour, at least. tried to work its way back, as we headed towards the close. didn't quite get there. the nasdaq, the big loser on the back of the disappointing earnings from microsoft, and google. there's a look at the s&p. new high, 1,692, a gain of 3 points. bob pisani's been watching it all. bob, you have to say, like allen valdez said, pretty good finish considering microsoft, google, and some others. >> yes. what happened, of course, was the industrials balanced out the mess that microsoft made and google made as well, certainly in the tech area. let's give you a quick overview on the week. the major sectors here. it's a very simple story here. we had financials with great earnings. they were the upside lieder. industrials had good earnin
: steven spielberg insisted the sets of his movie "lincoln" be historically accurate, down to the books, the rugs and the wallpaper. he even recorded the sound of lincoln's actual watch. and actor daniel day-lewis recreated his high-pitched voice. >> tell us the news from the hill. >> ah, well the news... >> why, for instance, is this thus, and what is the reason for this thusness? >> stahl: day-lewis stayed in character through the making of the entire film. >> i never, ever felt that depth of love for another human being that i never met. >> bond, james bond. >> cooper: he is the world's most famous spy and for 50 years, from sean connery to daniel craig, 007 has always had his way with the girls and taking care of the bad guys. >> i will forever be known as james bond, but that is not a bad thing, not a bad label to have. >> action! >> cooper: what you may not know is that every actor, gadget, script and director for bond has been chosen by this family. >> we are, well, control freaks. ( explosion ) i watched on television a ten day, six hundred mile race, and i thought, wow. i reall
. >>> and steven colbert, assessment of the royal baby names. (girl) what does that say? (guy) dive shop. (girl) diving lessons. (guy) we should totally do that. (girl ) yeah, right. (guy) i wannna catch a falcon! (girl) we should do that. (guy) i caught a falcon. (guy) you could eat a bug. let's do that. (guy) you know you're eating a bug. (girl) because of the legs. (guy vo) we got a subaru to take us new places. (girl) yeah, it's a hot spring. (guy) we should do that. (guy vo) it did. (man) how's that feel? (guy) fine. (girl) we shouldn't have done that. (guy) no. (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >>> spanish officials are now investigating the crash that happened yesterday in spain, they suspect the train may have been running at twice the speed limit when it derailed. police plan to question the driver, who according to spanish news reports bragged about breaking speed reports. >>> up next, the justice department's plan to fight texas on voter suppression. >> voting rights, and women's rights, and the rights of people against discrimination, whether they're african-amer
, the situation with minority voters gets worse. >>> and steven colbert, assessment of the royal baby names. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] if you can't stand the heat, get off the test track. get the mercedes-benz you've been burning for at the summer event, going on now at your authorized mercedes-benz dealer. but hurry, offers end july 31st. it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >>> spanish officials are now investigating the crash that happened yesterday in spain, they suspect the train may have been running at twice the speed limit when it derailed. police plan to question the driver, who according to spanish news reports bragged about breaking speed reports. >>> up next, the justice department's plan to fight texas on voter suppression. hey linda! what are you guys doing? having some fiber! with new phillips' fiber good gummies. they're fruity delicious! just two gummies have 4 grams of fiber! to help support regularity! i want some... [ w
to go one way or the other. they even disputed, we often called the court the stevens court for a number of years, for a number of years, because of justice john paul stevens success, getting liberal, more liberal victories in the face of a conservative majority. a number of them said, no, he wasn't the leader of the liberal bloc. he was the kind of justice who didn't believe in going down the hall to sit with another justice and chat and try to convince or persuade. he did everything through his writing. he felt very strongly his justice should make up his or her mind. i don't know how when you have nine, truly independent, strong-minded, very experienced judges how a chief just really leads the court except perhaps in some very special circumstances as we saw earl warren did and, i don't know. i think it may be too soon to see how strong a chief justice roberts will be. >> of course he came in an unusual circumstance, right? >> very unusual. >> if people remember, that summer of 2005 when first justice o'connor shocked everybody by retiring, and then chief justice of course, died. that
developing stories tonight. the s.e.c. charges filed against hedge fund king steven cohen and the continued fallout from the detroit bankruptcy filing. let's begin with the latest news on steve cohen. cnbc's jackie deangelis joins us now with all the details. good evening, jackie. >> good evening to you, larry. the s.e.c. announcing today that it is charging s.e.c.'s steven cohen for failing to supervise two senior employees and failing to prevent them from insider trading. this is a civil charge. this is not a criminal charge. now, the charges are the result of a four-year investigation into cohen and his top-performing $14 billion hedge fund. the highest-profile targets in the latest crackdown on insider trading. the s.e.c.'s investigation found that the hedge fund manager oversaw trading by his employees matthew martoma and michael steinberg and received updates on their trading strategies and the reasoning behind them but on at least two occasions in 2008 the s.e.c. says that the employees provided cohen information indicating that their potential access to inside information. cohen's f
: we continue with steven cohen and his sac capital advisors, hedge fund. with sheelah kolhatkar and tom keene. >> they basically impugn the entire culture of sac capital. they said that cohen the hedge fund owner was hiring people specifically, the kinds of people who could potentially leak them information that he was compensating those people and rewarding them for bringing that information and trading off of it and essentially this indictment is so sweeping and strong that it makes it seem as if the entire company was sort of somehow imreplies it in this illegal activity. >> guilty of saying insider trading is insider trading. in the cfa exams which a lot of the pros take you spend a lot of u:u of three exams defining what insider trader is and it's very, very squishy. it's an extremely hard body of law to get your hands around and i would suggest that's one of the problems the sec and the government has is, what are you going to charge them with? is it moral responsibility, is it dereliction of management or sit this fuzzy thing called insider trading. >>rose: we continue wi
that interview from sf general. we're joined but steven stock. some of the things that we're learning from this night that you mentioned, some of the things that stick out to me, in the next 48 hours they'll take this airlines flight away to help put it together, we don't know where yet. and in the next 48 hours, you say they'll have an understanding of what causes a crash though they might not reveal it. >> they will have a very good idea about exactly what happens and will be able to piece that together. there had been construction repairs on this runway. i just got confirmation from sfo that there had been this construction going on. the vertical guidance system had been shut off, was not working. but everyone was flying under visual flight rules. the weather was clear. it's a situation that commercial pilots train for all the time. this time apparently with a little bit of a tail wind behind that boeing 777, as it landed, something went very wrong. according to witnesses, including ben levy, this boeing approached the runway, and the tail clipped the runway and the tail came off, and t
is definitely a bit fishy. >> the body of 59-year-old, steven rakes, was found in a boston suburb on wednesday afternoon. rakes had been eager to testify against bulger, but removed from the witness list just one day before his body was discovered. an autopsy is being conducted. while the d.a.'s office says there were no obvious signs of trauma, the police are treating his death as suspicious and say rake's vehicle is missing. rakes owned a liquor store in the 1980s. he claimed bulger and his partner forced him to sell them his store at gunpoint. he described the alleged incident in an interview with cbs affiliate, wbz, last year. >> put the gun on the table, and they picked up and said, you know, it would be a sin to see this child grow up without a father. it was a bad day. >> the 79-year-old who is serving a life sentence for ten murders was today's star witness. it was the first time in nearly twenty years that he had come face to face with bulger. on the witness stand, he described his relationship as criminal and characterized the former crime boss as overbearing and forceful. he was
a year on game, the new master's degree that's every kid's dream come true. >>> steven king reveals his favorite character and his special veto power over the show. and save money. since the change-over, we've told you t >>> golden gate bridge getting rids of its human toll takers three months ago. saying all electronic taking would be easier. it would save money. since the change over we have told you about billing problems and tonight in a story you will only see on kpix5, we have found what looks like another flaw. >> reporter: it's baker's weekend escape. a ride on his new motorcycle across the golden gate bridge. it's supposed to cost $6. but ever since the toll plaza became electronic he hasn't paid. >> there's signs that say drive through. they'll mail you something in a couple of months and i've gotten something. >> reporter: yes he says he's not trying to cheat. >> oh no, i go just like all the cars. i'm more than willing to pay the fees fee, they're just not collecting them. >> so what's going on out here? a spokeswoman told us there is a glitch. motorcycles can sometimes sli
in court yesterday. this accusation came yesterday during the cost of steven "the rifleman" flemmi who claims bulger also strangled two young woman. >>> a second woman has come forward to file charges against bob filner. >>> in that six flags roller coaster death, according to the county medical examiner, about one minute into the ride, rosy esparza fell 75 feet and struck a support beam before landing on a roof. the ride remains closed until investigators determine what happened. >>> and cbs sports is reporting yankees third baseman alex rodriguez could be facing a lifetime ban from major league baseball. apparently now that the brewers ryan braun is out of the way, investigators are turning their main focus to rodriguez. >>> dramatic footage of this hot balloon ride. 11 in the basket and two were brought to a local hospital for minor injuries after that. >>> stocks overseas this morning, they are trading lower on news of a slowdown of chinese manufacturing. apple reporting 31.2 million iphones sold in their third quarter, which is better than expected and the company announced a stoc
restructuring, this may have been quite a birthday present. at least, that's what u.s. bankruptcy judge steven rods said. he believed that clearing the way for a court case in his court, doing away with other challenges in state court is in the public interest. a spokesperson for the state, the bankruptcy expert to oversee this restructuring says the ruling by the judge is an important first step. >> this allows us to move forward. what we really can't have are weeks and weeks and weeks of delays because it runs up the cost. everyone in that room is being paid. it runs up the lost the longer we're in court and this sun resolved. >> but the unions who have been pressing those challenges in the state court say their fight will go on, even if it is in federal court. they say the bankruptcy filing is an attempt by republican governor rick scott to do a runaround the citizens of detroit and a provision in the state constitution that protects employee pensions. >> we got a governor, we got a lieutenant governor, and we've got a party that just says we don't care about folks. we care about our own ag
with whitey -- with mr. bulger? and he says,"strictly criminal." >> reporter: steven "stippo" rakes, a fixture at the trial of suspected mob boss and fbi informant whitey bulger was found dead wednesday, one day after prosecutors told him he wouldn't have to testify. >> my liquor store was never for sale. never, never, never. >> reporter: rakes accused bulger of forcing the sale of his liquor store at gunpoint. he says he couldn't wait to take the stand here against the 83-year-old now on trial for racketeering and 19 murders after more than a decade on the run. >> that night haunts me every night, that night. >> reporter: the 59-year-old was found on the side of the road in the tony boston suburb of lincoln. police say there was no sign of trauma, but an autopsy and investigation are under way. steven davis, whose sister was allegedly strangled by bulger, was a friend of rake's. >> no car. no automobile. no i.d. steve carried his i.d. right here all the time in his pocket. >> do you think he was murdered? >> me? of course. because of how everything's falling into play here now. >> reporter: i
your back if you scratch mine. >> this is how steven and i get ready in the dressing room. >> yes, i do her hair, and she does this, and we look like this in the end. >>> in uganda, mark david of newport beach, california, the family says, instead of a party, let's go on a worldwide adventure and while in africa they took a car ride to encounter 12 gorillas and talking about mamas and babies and silverback and blackback and that is who you will see here in the video. >> this is dangerous. >> way too close. >> and watch how the blackback gives mark david a gift of a lifetime. >> look at that. >> i get that this is a chance of a lifetime, but -- >> it could also be the end of a lifetime. mark said at first he did not look at the gorilla eye to eye, but when he looked at it, the gorilla reached into his ear and then kissed him. >> happy birthday. >> i hope he had a change of underwear nearby. >>> there's a brand new movie about to hit theaters that is sure to scare your britches off. that movie is "the conjuring." this story follows ed and lor rain warren and real paranormal researchers an
. the son steven had just gone through a leg amputation due to complication complications of diabetes, and one of the plumbers from twin plumbers noticed that they could not use the bathroom in the ways they needed to, and specifically, the bathtub/shower, because it had the raised lift. >> you can see how difficult it would be for him to come in this direction and no space here. >> they desigh ed -- decided through the goodness of their own heart to remodel the bathroom so that the family could use it. the twin plumbers to the rescue, and you see in the video, the whole process. they take out the walls and the bathtub and the moment that they reveal it. you will see dorothy walk in, and just full of emotion. she has to rest her head on the towel rack to support herself. she is moved to tears. it is going to change her son steven's life. >> oh, my god. incredible. >> to tell us more about the remarkable act of kindness, we have the twin plumbers dave and jim, and their business partner don, via skype "right this minute." >> it is really one of the moments in life where just get shocke
. >> you can see the tattoos, and how you find a friend like that? hey, steven, you want to set cars on fire tonight? >> the police are looking for both of them. >>> we are outside of the guzman reception hall in houston, texas, and inside of this hall, people are at a wedding reception of christopher and jessica, and unfortunately the transformer has blown and ac was out of the reception hall, and the bride was upset, because people were leaving, because it was so miserable inside of the reception hall. finally three hours later, you see this truck from the electric company showed up to fix the problem. but something worse happened. >> oh, no! this is a bad omen. maybe this is a bad omen for the marriage. >> the transformer blew causing even more problems, and you can hear not only the noise, but the car alarms, and the sirens are going off. watch, then he has to cut all tof the power to the reception hall. >> oh, no. ah. >> oh. the bride was very upset, and they had to wheel the cake outside, because all of the guests were outside. and ultimately, the reception was over. >>> a city
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